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Besides providing personalized services to each client, we have products that are ready to use.
Virtual Reality

With the exclusive Rian Design's Virtual Reality system, you can get the real feel of walking into a real estate development (apartment, house, farm etc.) which has not yet been built. Ideal for releasing new projects at fairs and showrooms or direct selling by imovel broker.

From the 2D plan, Rian Design creates a fully 3D environment and integrates it to the exclusive Virtual Reality system, which the person, using special glasses, can glimpse all the details of the environment.

Watch a demo made on the release day of the system..

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System for NGOs

Key features: easy usability, information registration of all special people / students, as well as follow-up activities of their, donors and donations registration, employees registration and generation of receipts and reports.

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System for Cerimonialist

System is developed to facilitate the management of event ceremonialists, providing customer registration, event schedule, financial management, creation of payment meats, as well as generating of contracts for clients event such as graduations, 15 parties and weddings.

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